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Remove Yellow Hair Color Easily

Remove Yellow Hair Color Easily

Remove Yellow Hair Color Easily

When we go to the hairdresser to make us very beautiful blond hair color, there are different ways to keep it at home easily and the color lasts for a long time without any yellowish highlights.

Really when we want to lighten the hair, since we are going dark, it is always advisable to gradually lighten, then the hair goes through phases of different colors, first we usually get reddish tone, then orange tone and until the yellowish tone arrives, that you get there easily.

Remove Yellow Hair Color Easily

What is more difficult to achieve is the whitish or ash tone that many women usually like, depending on the porosity of each hair and the base you have is easier or harder.

The hair that has a tendency to take orange and yellow tones is that of the Latin woman, it is impossible in this type of hair to get a beautiful discolored white tone.

We have to think that it is always better to know the limits of each hair and choose the option of maintaining beautiful and well-groomed hair, that to try to achieve the desired color we end up with damaged and very damaged hair.

Currently there is a very extensive range of products for washing hair that make us 2 utilities how to wash and tint at the same time, they are the famous anti-yellow shampoo, there is also the option of using a conditioner or anti-yellow mask, which at the same time It moisturizes us and colors us.

Remove Yellow Hair Color Easily

Products that have an anti-yellow effect usually have a high concentration to qualify, this means that it is not recommended to leave in exposure for a long time, because they have enough color pigment and can give us a raised violet reflection.

If the yellowish color is very intense we can use shampoo and conditioner or mask, however if the yellow color of the hair is soft it is recommended to only use a product from them.

Remove Yellow Hair Color Easily

A very good and simple trick that is used to do at the hairdresser and at home, is to mix in a bowl quite shampoo (it can be any shampoo), with a little black dye the size of a peeled pipe and a drop of dye oxidant , it mixes very well, that there are no dye particles left undone and we apply it through the hair, once we have washed it, we perform a massage and then rinse.

Tricks to eliminate the yellow color:

- Use anti yellow or anti orange shampoo (depending on the color we have)

- Apply conditioner or anti yellow mask

- Mix a pinch of black dye, shampoo and a drop of dye oxidant

We hope this article has been useful, would you dare to try the tricks to eliminate the color yellow?

Have you had or do you have the experience of using any product to remove yellow hair color?

We would like you to share your experience with a comment, in our comments section.

All Feedback
  1. Montserrat Roig
    Reviewed on

    Siempre me había preguntado como podía sacarme el reflejo amarillo del pelo, cuando salgo de la peluquería me queda el color muy bien, pero con la lavadas me sale el reflejo amarillo, gracias al tutorial he descubierto la fórmula.

  2. Rosa María
    Reviewed on

    Muchas gracias por la información, lo cierto es que si sigues los pasos que te dan en este tutorial es un problema bastante fácil de solucionar.

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