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A Modern Classic Bob Haircut

A Modern Classic Bob Haircut

A Modern Classic, Bob Haircut

In the world of hairdressing everything is invented, that's why fashions come and go, really when a style returns there is always some change providing an updated and modern air.

A Modern Classic, Bob Haircut

The very feminine and flattering style for women is the Bob style, this haircut was created in the United States at the time of World War I, it began to be performed to improve hygiene and obtain a more practical result of the hairstyle.

In the most used country in Europe this style of cutting is in France, this technique of cutting the French hairdressers greatly enhanced it, until it was implanted in the rest of Europe.

Every new season, a fashionable haircut arrives, the celebreties help to make the new trends furious.

The characteristics of this haircut, is the rounded finish, whether it is more or less long. The bob cut is usually a mane at neck height with the peculiarity of being a little longer in front and shorter behind.

The way of combing is very versatile since it can be worn in straight, wavy or curly hair, with the stripe on one side or in the middle and with or without bangs. In addition, you decide the length of hair you want to get.

It is a comfortable style, very easy to comb and depending on how you comb, you can get a casual air or transform it into a more elegant and sophisticated style.

A Modern Classic, Bob Haircut

This style who favors?

- Elongated face, this style softens the features and improves the optical effect of the elongated face shape, a shorter bob effect without bangs is ideal or if we choose a longer half-length it is ideal to wear a bangs, to give the effect of face less elongated, since it would shorten the oval. Both straight and curly hairstyle can be worn.

- Round face, for this type of face, it is ideal to choose a longer Bob measure or even make the asymmetric cut, as we show in the image below. It is recommended that it be a little longer from the front. If you want to wear bangs it is advisable to be tilted to the side.

A Modern Classic, Bob Haircut

- Heart face, for this form of face, it is ideal to see the wider jaw, therefore we need a length below the jaw and comb wavy or curly to give a flattering effect.

- Square face, in this case it must be the measure of the mane must exceed the chin, to be able to hide the shape of a wide face and if you want to wear bangs it must be combed to the side.

A Modern Classic, Bob Haircut

How to comb a Bob style:

It depends on the style we want to wear, we will use some fixing products that help shape and fix the hairstyle. We can use thermal protector, to protect from the heat of the dryer, iron and tongs, you can also use foam or gel fixative, lacquer etc.

If you want to comb it with a smooth effect, it is advisable to use a heat shield and pass the hair straightener from the root to the tips. No matter where you decide to place the hair part, this hairstyle will be perfect anyway.

When you want to give a touch of softness to the hairstyle, you can choose to make waves with the stripe in the middle. This hairstyle is super flattering and you can get it with the help of a styling foam, a dryer with diffuser or tongs.

If you are looking for a hairstyle with a lot of volume, you can apply lacquer at the root, dry with a hair dryer and then apply lacquer on media and tips to fix the result. This casual look is ideal for partying.

Go ahead and try the Bob haircut, if you haven't tried it.

We hope you found this article useful, would you dare to try Bob haircut?

Have you had or do you have the experience of ever having Bob haircut?

We would like you to share your experience with a comment, in our comments section.

All Feedback
  1. Laura Gutierrez
    Reviewed on

    Que interesante el tutorial por la información que da, los cortes estilo bob me gustan por que son muy femeninos y favorecedores, yo quiero hacer un cambio de look y voy a ir a la peluquería para que me hagan este estilo.

  2. Magdalena Garcia
    Reviewed on

    Me encanta este estilo de peinado. Si como yo no te atreves a cortar tanto tu melena, opta por el long bob o lob. Se marca el movimiento progresivo de corto hacia largo desde la nuca y el corte se inclina sutilmente.

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