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♡ Wimpernwelle Lifting Power Pad Kit ♡
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Increase the volume of your lips

Increase the volume of your lips

Increase the volume of your lips

There are many beauty tricks that can help us improve our appearance, feel and look better, it really is very important how we feel, since it is reflected both internally and externally.

The parts of the face that can help us highlight our expression are the lips and eyes.

We will explain 3 simple tricks to help keep your lips in good condition and even improve their appearance.

1st It is advisable to perform a very easy exercise to have the strong mouth muscles, we must vocalize the letter U and hold this position for a few minutes. We can do this exercise every day for a few minutes and it will help us keep our lips firmer.

Increase the volume of your lips

2º To be able to wear fleshy lips, it is very important to take care of them and make an exfoliation once a month to eliminate dead skin and have an active blood circulation. Then it is advisable to moisturize the lips doing a gentle massage giving small touches.

Increase the volume of your lips

3º As for the makeup is recommended if we want to achieve a bulky effect profile the lips with a higher color than we choose to make up the lips, it is always advisable to choose a color of lips darker than the natural tone that we have ours. Finally, it is recommended to apply lip gloss to achieve the desired effect.

Increase the volume of your lips

It only remains to get to work and try, you will see how beautiful and natural you are going to see.

We hope this article has been useful to you, would you be encouraged to try to get bulky lips?

We would like you to share your experience with a comment, in our comments section.

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  1. Vanesa Martinez

    Probaré los consejos que da el post y ya os contaré como me ha ido, ya que he comprado un exfoliante y pintalabios maybelline. El envío rápido y gratis.

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